Diet-beauty NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Espresso, Pack of 3 (Total 48 Capsules, 48 servings):Diet-beauty
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NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Espresso, Pack of 3 (Total 48 Capsules, 48 servings):Diet-beauty

NESCAFÉ Published in October 18, 2018, 10:11 pm
 NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Espresso, Pack of 3 (Total 48 Capsules, 48 servings):Diet-beauty

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Espresso, Pack of 3 (Total 48 Capsules, 48 servings):Diet-beauty

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S. How
S. How Reply to on 9 December 2017
I try not to order too many of these. Whilst I have no issue with the quality of the coffee (it's nice, but nothing spectacular) I find the pods very wasteful and feel guilty every time I put one in the bin; just another bit of plastic ending up who knows where. I have discovered reusable pods which are great, but I do like to keep a few of these on hand for convenience, especially if you have guests and they all want a cup...
Olukunle Reply to on 16 March 2016
This is a review of Ristretto, Amazon just lumps all the espresso together, they're vey different. One thing people have said repeatedly about Ristretto is that its not bitter, I tried this with a bit of sugar and it was too sweet for me, so I tried it without and I kind of preferred it. The flavour is full and perfect strength for me, the bitterness just wafts away ever so quickly, just a very tiny hint of bitterness without using any sugar and it just melts away, lovely! And yeah after two of these tonight, I'm ready to burn the midnight oil!

The espresso version of this one (Pink Pod) is weak!!! And I'm not a strong coffee person.
Pedro Reis
Pedro Reis Reply to on 26 February 2017
Use to be an excellent product.
I used to buy it because of the price/quality ratio. It's not ''the best'', but it's cheap and makes no mess!
Amazon used to have it with the Amazon Dash Buttons, and that makes our life so easy that's unbelievable.
The price in other suppliers is 3 boxes for £10, while here they have just decided to increase the sale price without warning anyone.
I am literally on my way to Currys to obtain a Bean to Cup coffee machine for my so necessary daily Espressos.
There's better quality coffee out there, and by my calculations, a Bean to Cup coffee machine will pay itself in less than a year.
Jay-SA Reply to on 19 March 2016
Wonderful to be able to buy these capsules in bulk and also there is a wonderful variety on offer on amazon subscribe and save.

I must say compared to local supermarkets i am able to buy decaf and a number of other types and strengths of coffee and all in bulk delivered to my door.

The sleeves of 3 boxes last me about half a year which is wonderful and loved by all visitors and family members
Kim Blackwell
Kim Blackwell Reply to on 11 March 2013
A double espresso & I'm set for the day! This coffee is lovely; it is strong yet smooth with no bitter edge which you can sometimes get with espresso. So quick too and would not hesitate to recommend to other Dolce Gusto owners.
L. ANTUNES Reply to on 1 April 2018
Quality and price was the right choice. I recommend to those who like coffee to make this option.
Giulio Reply to on 28 October 2017
If you want an espresso, buy Barista! this is really bland and although it is good compared to UK espresso standard, from an Italian point of view, this is not so great
Ana Paula Ribeiro
Ana Paula Ribeiro Reply to on 24 January 2014
I was really disappointed with this product, the espresso is very weak and ends up quite expensive per unit. If you appreciate quality coffee and you are used to strong velvety coffee you are going to hate this product. If you are only looking for a watery and very mild espresso, then you might like this variety. I much prefer the "Barista" capsules.
Kathbrad Reply to on 12 May 2014
Since my daughter bought us a machine for Christmas, we are Dolce Gusto addicts each afternoon (just the one, Mrs. Wembley). This is my husband's favourite and purchasers should note (because it confused me initially) that espresso doesn't normally come with milk pods, so there are 48 servings in 3 boxes, not 24. Bonus!!
In it to win it
In it to win it Reply to on 5 July 2018
Nothing tastes as consistently good as these espresso capsules - I love them.
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