Diet-beauty Customcard 60 x 90 mm Pocket ID Badge Plastic Wallet - Clear (Pack of 100):Diet-beauty
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Customcard 60 x 90 mm Pocket ID Badge Plastic Wallet - Clear (Pack of 100):Diet-beauty

Customcard ltd
Customcard ltd Published in October 18, 2018, 10:40 pm
 Customcard 60 x 90 mm Pocket ID Badge Plastic Wallet - Clear (Pack of 100):Diet-beauty

Customcard 60 x 90 mm Pocket ID Badge Plastic Wallet - Clear (Pack of 100):Diet-beauty

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kahpfan Reply to on 15 March 2017
These were bought to hold ID/Clocking Cards when we changed to a new clocking in system at work, previously we had a finger scanner so had no need of card wallets, having over 230 staff we bought 300 to allow for present staff and for future new recruits - as we only take on about 30 staff per year we were hoping these supplies would last well into next year. However the wallets are so flimsy that we are having to replace them for fun. I personally have had four so far since introducing the new system in November 2016 - it is attached to a lanyard round my neck at work, I work in the office so it's not pulled/battered about and the card it holds is not heavy. Other staff members whose jobs are more physical are also finding that their wallets are splitting with some colleague on their 6th/7th replacement. They tear at the seam between the pocket and the lanyard attachment or the pocket rips/splits - this has also lead to the clocking in cards being damaged due to falling out onto the floor as they rip. We have decided that once we have used up the ones we have left [probably by May the rate we are going through them and so far have had only two new starters so should only have used 232 to date] we will not be buying this product again. Have worn ID cards in holders like this at many previous jobs and never had to replace the plastic wallet let alone 4 in 5 months. Really disappointed.
Danielle Lloyd
Danielle Lloyd Reply to on 4 October 2017
We were looking for some high-quality badge holders for a conference we are organising.
Without seeing a product, it is difficult to determine whether they are good quality or just flimsy. Sadly, all too often the price is not a good indication of the quality of a product these days.
So, we ordered these in the hope they would be good - and they were!
These are exceptional value. Good quality and delivered swiftly.
Will buy again.
Sarah80 Reply to on 22 August 2018
Good wallets, fit credit card size cards in them. Not the best quality but they are ony soft plastic so didn't expect them to last long.
Eric Duncan
Eric Duncan Reply to on 21 May 2018
These were to complement the black lanyards bought for my club and they are exactly what I was looking for at a great price.
J.F. Sebastian
J.F. Sebastian Reply to on 29 July 2016
Bought along with Customcard ltd Neck Lanyard for ID Badge Holders with Safety Breakaway Clip - Purple (Pack of 25) these were great, the size is quite flexible in allowing various sized inserts. The 'insert' is on the back.
Enigma1611 Reply to on 2 July 2017
Arrived promptly, as described. Fantastic service and product.
Tom_Wil Reply to on 28 December 2016
Bought them for a conference to replace some pin-on badges that had been used for years and everyone had said they really preferred them!
mike Reply to on 24 June 2017
Just what we were looking for, will buy again
Philip Jones
Philip Jones Reply to on 20 August 2018
Exactly as described, very reasonably priced, they do exactly what we want.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 26 July 2017
Seem to be just what I need.
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